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Bible Record of Joseph and Anne Gorden Reid
Submitted by Dr. James Reid
Original Bible now owned by Larry E. Reid,
10024 Stedwick Road, #2002, Gaithersburg, MD 20886

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Reid Bible Fly Sheet


Reid Bible Family Register Joseph Reid

Reid Bible Family Register Joseph Reid


Reid Bible Marriages

Reid Bible Marriages


Reid Bible Births Page (Nat & Will)

Reid Bible Births Page (Nat & Will)


First Page Births of Reid Grandchildren

First Page Births of Reid Grandchildren


Reid Grandchildren Concluded

Reid Grandchildren Concluded


Reid Bible Deaths Page

Reid Bible Deaths Page


The following transcript appeared in the Upper South Carolina Genealogy & History, May 2007, Vol. XXI, No. 2

Contributed by Lois Branch
c/o Sandy Riverfront RV Resort
633 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy, Space 115
Troutdale Oregon 97060

Source: Original Bible owned by
Larry E. Reid
10024 Stedwick Road, #202
Gaithersburg, MD 20886
(Published here with permission of owner.)

[Page 1]
Family Register,
Joseph Reid and Anne
 Gordon Reid who whas
 mared in holy Wedlock
 the 23rd day of June
 in the year of our lord
 one thousand seven
 hundred thirty four in
 the home of Sir Thomas
 Reid, Inverness

[Page 2]
Family Register,
Nathaniel Reid who mared
 April 5, 1760 to Elizabeth
 Clayton - Augusta County

William Reid, youngest son of
Joseph and Anne Gordon
 Ried whas mared to Jane
 Anderson in Augusta County,
 Virginia this afternoon the 10th
 day of March 1765

[Page 3]
Family Register,
Nathaniel Reid whas born
 Octob 7, 1736

William Reid whas born
 at 3 oclock in the fore
Noon in our own home
 Augusta County, Virginia
Decemb 14, 1746

[Page 4]
Edith Reid whas born Feb
 18m 1761 to Nathaniel and

Rachel Reid whas born Jan
 5, 1762 to Nathaniel and

William Reid born to Nathaniel
 & Elizabeth December 10,

Anne Nancy Reid whas born
 Octob 4, 1765 to Elizabeth
 and Nathaniel Reid
John Reid whas Born March
 29 1766 - first born child of

[Page 5]
William & Jane Reid

Sarah Reid whas born Jan
 23, 1767 to William & Jane

Jane Reid whas born Octob
 25, 1767 to Will & Jane

Nathaniel Reid was whas born March
 7, 1768 to Nathaniel & Liz

William Reid whas born August
 19, 1768 to William and Jane

Thomas Reid whas born on
 the 1st day of August,
 1770 to William Reid and
 Jane Reid in the afternoon
 around 3 oclock
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[Page 6]
Family Register,
Sir Thomas Reid dyed this
 earth on the 5th day of May
 one thousand seven hundred
 sixty nine

Anne Reid, beloved wife
 of Joseph Reid dyed at
 7 oclock in the afternoon
 of Monday 13th day of
 December in the year of our
 Lord one thousand seven
seventy Augusta County, Virginia
 at age of 51 years and 4 months and
 one day

Editor’s Note: That the foregoing record of births does not include all the children of William and Jane Anderson Reid is documented by the Deed of Gift in 1793 to his wife and children at that time. Additional children are named in this deed. It is possible that all the children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Clayton Reid are not recorded above.

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