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Bible Record of Jacob Zion Jennings
Born in 1799 in Spartanburg County, SC

This Bible Record was photocopied and published in the book, White William Jennings, His Ancestors and Descendants. The book was compiled by Jennings Harvel Flathers, a descendant of Rhoda Prewett and Jacob Zion Jennings, and released 4 July 1976. In March 1998, Joanne Lee Travis spoke to Elizabeth Flathers, widow of Jennings Harvel Flathers. Mrs. Flathers said the book is not copyrighted and we may feel free to use the Bible Record and she hopes it sparks more interest in the Jennings Family.

In 1790 census, Rowland Jennings is listed next to his mother, Elizabeth, who is head of her household. Rowland appears to have a wife, a son and daughter. Susannah Jennings, living next to Elizabeth and Rowland is believed to be Elizabeth's daughter-in-law, widow of James Jennings. Two other sons of Elizabeth, William and Elijah Jennings are in their own households in the 1800 and 1810 censuses. Though there is no positive proof, it is believed that Elizabeth's husband, father of Rowland, James, William, Elijah, Jesse and possibly others, was William Augustine Jennings.

Jacob Zion Jennings is a son of Rowland Jennings (Spartanburg County in 1790 Census) and Dianna __?__. Doanna/Dianna released her dower rights when Rowland Jennings sold land in Spartanburg County in 1807. This Jennings Family moved to Caldwell Co., KY, later to Henry Co., TN, and, still later, descendants to Boone Co., MO. One son, Jesse R. Jennings moved to Oregon, burying his first wife and a baby somewhere along the Oregon Trail.

[ Notes in brackets added by Betty Jean Foster Dill]

Page 1:

Jacob Z. Jennings was born December 21th 1799 [in Spartanburg Co., SC]
Rhoda A. Jennings was born 1801 [Rhoda Prewett states born in VA in 1850 c.]
John P. Jennings was born May 21th 1821 [in Caldwell Co., KY, died 4 Sep 1821]
William T. Jennings was born June 4th 1823 [probably in Caldwell Co., KY]
Elisha D. Jennings was born June 4th 1823 [probably in Caldwell Co., KY, d. 6 Apr 1847]
Jesse R. Jennings was born September 7th 1825 [In 1870, he states he was born in TN]
[Nancy Pemberton Jennings on page 4 belongs here]
Lewis W. Jennings was born December 21th 1829 [In 1850, he states he was born in TN]
Jacob F. Jennings was born January 31th 1832 [In TN]

Page 2:

Mary Ann Jennings was born April 22nd 1835 [died 8 Apr 1847, also in W.W. Jennings BR]
James C. Jennings was born August 19th 1836 [In Boone Co., MO]
William White Jennings was born October 5th 1838 [On marriage license White William Jennings]
Thomas H. Jennings was born March 9th 1842
Lewis Franklin Jennings was born December 21st 1869 [Grandson of Rhoda & Jacob Zion Jennings]
[one illegible name]
Mary White Jennings was born March 20th 1865

Page 3: [Deaths]

Jacob Z. Jennings Decd March 18th 1841
Elisha D. Jennings Decd April 6th 1847
Mary Ann Jennings Decd April 8th 1847
Thomas H. Jennings Decd March 14th 1843
John P. Jennings Decd September 21th 1821
Rhoda Jennings Decd December 19th 1859 [She was living in Pettis Co., MO, in 1850]
James William Jennings 1859 Decd November 18th 1867

Page 4:

James M. Jennings was born September 20th 1821 [James Mayes Jennings, husband of Nancy P. Jennings]
Nancy P. Jennings was born August 10th 1827 [Nancy Pemberton, born in Henry Co., TN]
[Children of James Mayes Jennings and Nancy P. Jennings]:
Martha Jane Jennings was born September 28th 1844 [in Boone Co., MO]
James W. Jennings was born November 8th 1846 [in Boone Co., MO]
Sarah Emeline Jennings was born September 9th 1848
Rhoda Fritz(?) Ella Jennings was born January 20th 1851
Susan C. Jennings was born December 29th 1853


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