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Babb Bible Record

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Babb Bible Record

Bible Records of Thomas and Martha Ann Elizabeth Forrester Babb
Highland Township, Greenville County, South Carolina

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between
Thomas Babb of Greenville Co. and
Martha A.E. Forrester of Greenville Co.
on March 13th 1877 at home of preacher
by Rev. R.F. Wheldon
Witness - J.F. Forrester and Thomas Babb

Thomas Babb was born Oct 4th 1852
Martha Ann Elizabeth Babb was born Aug 4th 1862
Minnie Mary Ann Babb was born Feb 6th 1882
Lucy Annis Babb was born Sept 8th 1883
William Tandy Babb was born July 9th 1885
Rebecca Jane Babb was born Mch 19th 1888
John Thomas Babb was born Jan 21st 1891
Lillie May Babb was born April 6th 1893
Alford Lafayette Babb was born Mch 12th 1896
Sampie Malcomb Babb was born Jan 9 1901

Minnie Mary Ann Peace died on _______________
Alford Lafayette Babb died on Dec 13th 1900
Sampie Malcom Babb died on Aug 14th 1929
Thomas Babb died on Aug 18th 1929
Martha Ann Elizabeth Forrester Babb died April 14 1959
Tandy Babb died Feb 23rd 1951


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