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C - F - Mortality Schedule for Upstate SC, 1870, Cross referenced with the Census. Includes: Chester, Newberry, Oconee, Pickens, Spartanburg, Union and York Counties

  Name Age Sex Col MOD Cause of Death Head of House County Township Page
  Name Age Sex Col MOD Cause of Death Head of House County Township Page
369 Cain, Abe 48 M B Nov. Pneumonia Amy Cain Newberry Newberry 657
  Cain, William 45 M W Mar. Consumption   Oconee Seneca  
233 Caldwell, 1 F B July Croup Tom Caldwell Newberry Caldwell 473
280 Caldwell, Aba 4 F B Sept. Typhoid Fever Tom Caldwell Newberry Caldwell 476
184 Caldwell, Ida 3 F B May Ascites George Caldwell Newberry Caldwell 470
498 Caldwell, James 73 M W Dec. Pneumonia Margaret Caldewell Newberry Newberry 663
302 Calmes, Ann 10 F B Jan. Inflamation of Brain Will Calmes Newberry Cromers 535
302 Calmes, Fleming 3m M B May Ascites Will Calmes Newberry Cromers 535
302 Calmes, Seaford 9 M B Jan. Ascites Will Calmes Newberry Cromers 535
250 Calmes, William 2m M W Jan. Inflamation of Brain G. W. Calmes Newberry Caldwell 474
69 Cameron, Charles 1 M W May Inflamation of Bowels James Cameron Chester Blackstock 44
66 Camp, Allen 8 M B July Unknown Mary Lemmons Spartanburg Limestone 484
138 Camp, Martha 34 F B Mar. Consumption Ben Suber Newberry Hellers 582
534 Camp, Wm 3m M W Mar. Croup John Camp Spartanburg Beech Springs 338
408 Campbell, Infant 1m M W Mar. Pneumonia G. E. Campbell Newberry Cromers 541
396 Campbell, Jacob 30 M W Oct. Consumption Tasey Campbell Newberry Cromers 541
493 Campbell, Rebecca 48 F W Dec. Pneumonia W. W. Campbell Newberry Cromers 546
206 Cannon, David 77 M W Oct. Pneumonia J.L. Cannon Newberry Reeders 687
389 Cannon, Martha 25 F W May Cancer George Cannon Spartanburg Spartanburg 587
187 Cannon, Mary 14 F W Nov. Rheumatism W. M. Cannon Oconee Wagener 113
188 Cannon, W. H. 2 M W Feb. Disease of Bowels J. W. Cannon Oconee Wagener 113
127 Cannon, Willis 21 M M Dec. Phrenitis Thomas Cannon Pickens Pickens CH 440
132 Carmichael, Elizabeth 1m F W June Diarrhea Joseph Carmichael Newberry Stoney Battery 711
132 Carmichael, Josephine 24 F W June Disease of Liver Joseph Carmichael Newberry Stoney Battery 711
1081 Carothers, Edmond 51 M B Apr. Measles Cloddy Carothers York Yorkville P.O. 323
205 Carry, Absolom 65 M B Apr. Illegible Dover, Lim Union Gowdeysville 432
221 Carter, Amanda 4m F B July Teething Charles Guy York Bethesda 262
17 Carter, Charles 1 M B Dec. Measles Jerry Carter Newberry Moons 500
30 Chaffin, Alice 3m M W Dec. Croup James Chaffin Spartanburg White Plains 597
303 Chalmers, Infant 5m M B May Pneumonia Asberry Chalmers Newberry Caldwell 477
249 Chambers, James 82 M W Dec. Old Age R. B. Chambers Oconee Wagener 116
  Chambers, James 90 M W Dec. Old Age   Oconee Center  
1099 Chambers, Maria E. 1 F M Apr. Measles Sarah Chambers York Yorkville P.O. 325
293 Chapel, Mary 3m F B July Fever John Chapel Newberry Moons 514
  Chapman, George I. 33 M W Apr. Consumption   Pickens Salubrity  
907 Cherry, William 2 M B Mar. Burnt to death Eliza N. Cherry York Catawba 311
200 Childers, Infant 2m F W Feb. Croup Andrew Childers York Broad River 471
290 Children, Nancy 60 F W Nov. Dropsy Sampson Garrett York Cherokee 478
188 Clary, Essex 14 M B July Unknown Spencer Clary Newberry Reeders 686
22 Clary, Letty unk F B Nov. Unknown Owney Clary Newberry Reeders 675
51 Clawson, Jane 60 F B Jan. Pneumonia George Witherspoon York Broad River 461
13 Cleland, Mahala 38 F B Jan. Disease of Lung Poor House Newberry Caldwell 460
36 Cleveland, John B. 50 M W Apr. Apoplexy Kate Cleveland Spartanburg Spartanburg 564
31 Cleveland, Rachael 31 F B Apr. Illegible Edward Cleveland Spartanburg Beech Springs 305
918 Clinton, James F. 16 M W Sept. Inflamation of Bowels   York Catawba  
918 Clinton, Louisa 2 F W May Teething   York Catawba  
1602 Clinton, Mary 15 F B Jan. Bronchitis Preston Clinton York Bethel 359
416 Clowny, Jack 90 M W Dec. Old Age A. W. Charles Union Unionville 562
236 Cole, Wade 2 M B Aug. Accidentally Killed Milton Cole Newberry Maybinton 614
  Coleman, Infant 6m F B Dec. Convulsions   Union Fish Dam  
107 Collins, Amy 85 F B Dec. Diarrhea Doctor Powell Spartanburg Beech Springs 310
339 Collins, Charles H. 1 M W Apr. Measles J. W. Collins Oconee Wagener 122
73 Collins, Evaline 33 F B Feb. Measles Williams Collins Newberry Cromers 523
551 Collins, Infant 0 M W July Stillborn Wm Collins Spartanburg Beech Springs 339
207 Collins, John 12 M B Nov. Typhoid Fever Thomas Hinton York Bethesda 261
339 Collins, Lucy H. 5 F W Apr. Measles J. W. Collins Oconee Wagener 122
237 Colvin, Narcissa 37 F W May Consumption   Chester    
189 Compton, N. W. 5 M W Feb. Dropsy M. Compton Oconee Wagener 113
81 Cooper, Nancy 76 F W May Old Age Mary Cooper Newberry Floyds 551
179 Couch, Ida 1 F B Nov. Croup   Spartanburg Cross Anchor  
1183 Coulter, A. 40 M W Jan. Disease of Liver Rosaline Coulter York Ebenezer 331
147 Counts, James 20 M W July Bilious Fever Wesley Counts Newberry Stoney Battery 712
32 Cowan, Nancy 85 F W Dec. Illegible Thomas Cowan Union Draytonville 369
285 Cox, Quincy 22 M W Jan. Typhoid Fever G. Cox Spartanburg Woodruff 629
313 Coyle, Sarah 92 F W Oct. Consumption Winfield Gatewood Union Draytonville 386
30 Craig, Martha 1m F W May Jaundice   Pickens Easley  
76 Crawford, Susan 58 F B Apr. Consumption George McCleve York Bullocks Creek 210
570 Crocker, Permilia 75 F W Apr. Paralysis A. Comer Union Pinkney 510
135 Cromer, Barbary 82 F W May Dysentery J. F. Cromer Newberry Hellers 582
49 Cromer, Evaline 40 F B Aug. Ascites Spencer Cromer Newberry Cromers 521
304 Cromer, Juluis 16 M W June Dysentery Rebecca Cromer Newberry Hellers 591
90 Cromer, Thos H. 54 M W Feb. Consumption P. M. Cromer Newberry Cromers 524
183 Crooks, Milly 70 F B Dec. Consumption William Curry Newberry Maybinton 610
  Crowell, Ruth 50 F W Aug. Liver Disease   York Fort Mill  
29 Crump, John 70 M B May Gravel Fanny Crump Newberry Moons 500
1009 Daniels, Harriet 49 F W Oct. Consumption John J. Daniels York Catawba 318
1061 Davidson, Eliza 20 F B July Consumption Nirana Davidson York Yorkville P.O. 322
28 Davidson, Mary 18 F W Jan. Erysipelas John Seay Spartanburg Cherokee 382
  Davis, Emily 30 F B June Scalded to death Poor House Pickens Easley  
417 Davis, Ida 6 F B Oct. Brain Fever George Davis Newberry Floyds 570
514 Davis, Lou 2 F B May Typhoid Fever Owen Davis Spartanburg Campobella 376
67 Davis, Lousia 4 F B July Brain Fever Simon Grey Newberry Moons 503
144 Davis, Margaret 23 F B July Bilious Fever Margaret Davis York Broad River 467
79 Dawkins, Elizabeth 3m F B Mar. Measles   Union Goshen Hill  
477 Dawkins, George 25 M B Aug. Homicide Ellison Dawkins Union Gowdeysville 448
217 Dawkins, Henry 32 M B July Drowned   Union Goshen Hill  
  Dawkins, Infant 1m M B Feb. Croup   Union Santuc  
  Dawkins, Jane 64 F B Dec. Fever   Union Fish Dam  
187 Deal, Jacob 5 M B Feb. Hydrothorax Peter Deal Union Gowdeysville 431
71 Dean, John 3 M B Jan. Inflamation of Lungs Henry Dean Spartanburg Beech Springs 307
71 Dean, Lulu 1 F B Apr. Inflamation of Lungs Henry Dean Spartaburg Beech Springs 307
373 Dennis, Ellen 20 F B June Pneumonia Alfred Dennis Newberry Stoney Battery 724
116 DeWalt, Chicora 1 F B Sept. Dysentery Jim DeWalt Newberry Stoney Battery 710
7 DeWalt, Martha 32 F B Sept. Unknown Stephen Fair Newberry Reeders 674
2232 Dickson, Catherine H. 28 F W Nov. Congestion of Lungs   York Yorkville P.O.  
295 Dillard, Infant 2m M B Sept. Inflamation of Bowels Harry Bobo Newberry Cromers 535
96 Dogan, J.C. 77 M W Feb. Pneumonia W. D. Humphries Union Unionville 541
468 Doster, Amos 1 M M Dec. Spinal Affection Poor House York Kings Mountain 280
1561 Douglas, Joseph 35 M W Oct. Consumption Narcissa Douglas York Ebenezer 357
1560 Douglas, Sharper 3m M B Dec. Inflamation of Brain Martin Douglas York Ebenezer 356
  Dove, Kate 85 F B Aug. Dropsy   Oconee Seneca  
239 Dover, Mary M. 36 F W Mar. Consumption Thomas Dover York Broad River 474
215 Drummond, John 40 M B June Rheumatism George Drummond Spartanburg Reidville 542
215 Drummond, John 1 M B Jan. Burned George Drummond Spartanburg Reidville 542
62 Duckett, Aurelia 8m F W Aug. Disease of Brain Geo Duckett Newberry Cromers 522
82 Duckett, Nancy 45 F M April Unknown Henry Duckett Newberry Cromers 524
  Duffey, Eugeney 1 F W May Dysentery   York Fort Mill  
553 Dunwoody, Samuel 47 M W Dec. Murdered/neck broken K. Dunwoody Newberry Newberry 666
81 Durrar, Easler 14 F M Dec. Pneumonia Prinz E. Durrar Union Bogansville 329
1510 Earles, Gadson 7 M B Aug. Croup Simpson Earles York Ebenezer 353
102 Eaves, Amissa 24 F B Apr. Hydrothorax Moses Eaves Spartanburg Limestone 486
621 Edwards, Emily 18 F B Apr. Brain Fever Edward Edwards York Kings Mountain 292
15 Edwards, Emma 18 F B May Puerperal Fever J. Donom Witherspoon York Broad River 458
151 Eford, Harry 2m M B Dec. Brain Fever   Newberry Connors  
4 Eichellenger, Willie 8m M B Oct. Measles   Union Goshen Hill  
171 Eison, Christopher 35 M W July Consumption Giles Vanlew Union Unionville 546
399 Elder, Louisa 25 F W Aug. Consumption William Elder Spartanburg Spartanburg 588
3 Ellis, Jessie W. 8m M W July Dysentery   Pickens Easley  
1 Elviny, Nancy 20 F W Apr. Childbirth   Pickens Pumpkintown  
226 Epps, Ben 70 M B Dec. Chronic Bronchitis   Union Goshen Hill  
214 Epting, O.B. 19 M W Jan. Pneumonia Henry Epting Newberry Maybinton 612
510 Estes, John W. 54 M W May Disease of Brain   Chester    
124 Ezell, Smith 1 M   Apr. Dropsy of Brain Hester Ezell Spartanburg Limestone 487
6 Fair, Anna 80 F W May Old Age James Fair Newberry Connors 483
2212 Falls, Elizabeth 84 F W Jan. Ulcers on Bowels James McMakin York Kings Mountain 401
65 Fant, Frances L. 1 F M Apr. Meningetis Frank Fant Union Unionville 539
67 Farmer, Caroline 50 F W Nov. Consumption Elizabeth Green Spartanburg Campobella 347
140 Farr, Nancy 27 F W June Childbirth Gist Farr Union Pinkney 488
  Faulken, J. Saul 4 M W Oct. Inflamation of Bowels F. B. Faulken York Fort Mill 405
107 Feagle, Malla 70 F B May Paralysis Peter Feagle Newberry Connors 489
232 Felds, Rahab 72 F W Apr. Asthma J. Thackery Pickens Pickensville 464
189 Fellers, Emeline 20 F B May Dropsy   Newberry Connors  
189 Fellers, Fanny 1m F B May Brain Fever   Newberry Connors  
44 Feltman, Reuben 3m M W Mar. Pneumonia Thos. Feltman Newberry Hellers 577
18 Ferguson, Joisy 10m F W May Pneumonia Miles Ferguson Spartanburg Cross Anchor 419
  Ferrell, Joseph 3m M M Mar. Dropsy   Chester    
20 Fields, Jas 80 M W Feb. Debility John Fields Spartanburg Cherokee 381
348 Floyd, Belton 6m M B Sept. Measles Calvin Floyd Newberry Floyds 566
157 Floyd, Burt 9m M B Aug. Teething Burt Floyd Newberry Moons 507
13 Floyd, Charley 80 M B Apr. Chronic Diarrhea Poor House Newberry Caldwell 460
88 Floyd, Eva 4 F B Mar. illegible Milly Floyd Newberry Reeders 679
159 Floyd, Sarah 7 F B Nov. Pneumonia Bluford Floyd Newberry Moons 507
328 Floyd, Susan 40 F B May Liver Disease Tom Floyd Newberry Floyds 565
45 Ford, William 70 M B Oct. Gravel Zilpha Ford Newberry Mendenhall 618
93 Foreman, Harriet 4m F B Feb. Cyanche Trachealis Hampton Foreman Pickens Garvin 420
  Foruts, magt. 1m F W Mar. Inflamation of Brain R. S. Foruts York Fort Mill 423
294 Foster, Columbus 43 M W Feb. Wounded Sarah Ann Foster Union Pinkney 496
151 Foster, Francis 27 F B May Congestion/Chills Lee Miller Spartanburg Fairforest 451
203 Foster, Hester 6 F B Mar. Burnt to death George Foster Spartanburg Beech Springs 316
325 Foster, Isabella 1 F B Apr. Disease of Heart Polly Foster Spartanburg Beech Springs 324
131 Foster, Stephen 82 M W Dec. Old Age Hughston Foster Spartanburg Pacolet 519
95 Fouster, Allan 3m M B May Convulsions Thomas Fouster Pickens Garvin 420
579 Fowler, Elizabeth 28 F W May Bronchitis Marainna Swain Union Pinkney 510
43 Fowler, Harriet 31 F B Aug. Typhoid Fever James Fowler Spartanburg Beech Springs 306
  Fowler, Milton 1 M W Jan. Brain Attack   Spartanburg Woodruff  
313 Francisco, Clayborn 6m M B May Unknown, Sudden Ellick Christe Newberry Floyds 564
  Franklin, Tina 45 F W Feb. Fever   Oconee Pulaski  
144 Fuller, Annie 4 F W July Diarrhea Powell Fuller Spartanburg Fairforest 450
152 Fuller, Mary 2 F M July Diarrhea   Spartanburg Glenn Springs  
125 Furman, Fannie 23 F B Mar. Fever   Union Goshen Hill  


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