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State Militia Order for Spartanburg County

Contributed by Joey Gainey

Spartanburg County Deed Book "W" Page 1
[Item] No. 820
Recorded 2nd June 1836

Brigade Orders
Battalion Muster ground, Feby 12th 1834.

To Brigadier Genl Joseph G. Shelton.

Sir pursuant to your Orders, we have this day met and laid off the first battalion, thirty fifth Regiment of the Sixth Brigade, of the fifth division of the South Carolina Militia (Viz)

Company No 1, from the rolling mill on broad river to Isaac Peelers, thence in a straight line, to the mouth of the blew Branch, on thickity, thence to the green river road, thence along said road, to the Regimental Line, thence along said line, by Rices Mountain, to the North Carolina Line, thence along said line, to Broad River, and thence along said Line, to the beginning.

Company No 2, From John Wilkins to Pacolet River at the trough shoal, thence in a straight line to Tollisons Old place, thence to Abraham Gossets, thence to Gibb's Mountain, thence to Lawson Fork, where the Georgia Road crosses it, thence with said Road to Hammetts Ford, on Pacolet, thence in a Straight line, to Prices Mountain, thence down the green River Road, to the beginning,

Company No 3, from the mouth of the blew branch, down thickety Creek, to Jeffries' Ford, thence to Gawdeys [or Gandeys] store, thence to the sandy Ford, on Packolett, up said River to the mouth of the Sandy Run, thence up sandy run to the Union Road, thence up said Road to Tollisons old place, thence to the traugh(sic.) Shoals, on Pacolet, thence to John Wilkins, and thence to the mouth of the Blew Branch,

Company No 4, from the mouth of the blew branch Down thickety to John Jeffries,(sic.) Ford on thickaty, thence to Gawdeys Store, thence to the sandy ford on Pacolet, down said river to the skull Shoals, thence thence(sic.) to Hopes Mills, on thickety, down thickaty, to its mouth, thence up Broad River, to the rolling mill, thence to Isaac Peelers, thence to the mouth of the blew branch, on thickaty Creek to the beginning.

      Commissioners present
      |John Kerby,
    Commissioners |Edward Patterson,
      |James Jeffries,
      |Samuel Otterson.
NB. Your commissiones would recommend the following places, for Elections as the most Central,
(Viz) )
For No 1. at Richard arnolds old place. )
For No 2. at Col. Edward Pattersons. ) McBridesville
For No 3. at Maj'r John Kirby's. )
For No 4. at Aaron Wilkins old place. )