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Upper South Carolina Genealogy and History
The quarterly publication of the Piedmont Historical Society
This installment, 4 of 6, originally appeared in Vol. VII, December 1990
Continued from Vol. VII, No.1
No. 1
H.D. Cabaniss to Aurelia A. Otterson
at Dr. Otterson's- Limestone Springs on Dec. 18th.
No. 2
Nov. 22d
At Dr. Otterson's- Limestone Springs
M.S. McArthur to Mary E. Otterson
No. 3
Augst or July [overwritten] 8th
In Chapel of The Ch. of The Advent
Wm. Jenkins to Mrs. E. Jenkins
No. 4
June 9th
a[t] Col. E.C. Leitner's S.C.H.
Charles D. Snipes to Medora E. Leitner
No. 5
June 21st
At Dr. Otterson's- Limestone Springs
David Froneberger to Sallie H. Otterson
No. 6
Jany. [blank]
At Palmetto House - Spartanburg
Thomas T. Brown to Caroline Blasingame
[Editor's Note: According to the 25 January 1855 issue of the
Carolina Spartan, this marriage took place on Tuesday evening, 23
January 1855. The Spartan also noted that Mr. Brown was "of
Columbia." Evidently, Rev. McCullough forgot to note the proper
date and later could not remember what it was.]
No. 7
August [blank]
Near Wallace's Factory - Spartanburg Dist.
Jno. L. Nowell Jr. to
[Editor's Note: Unfortunately, the editor has failed to find a
newspaper with an account of this marriage in it.]
No. 8
Dec. 11th
At my residence - Spartanburg C.H.
Edward Moore to Phoebe A.D. Miller
Dec. 27th
at Residence of Mr. Lockwood - S.C.H.
Frank Gillespie to Sidney A. Lockwood

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No. 10
Sep. 3d
At Residence of Captn J.D. Strother Fairfield Dist.
B. Hart Means to Mary P. Strother
No. 11
May 14th
At Residence of Maj. Govan Mills S.C.H.
T.K. Cureton to Mary S. Mills
No. 12
Sep. 20th
At Buckhead, Residence of Mrs. E. Means, Fairfield
Julius Poelnetz to Eliza Heron Means
No. 13
June 30th [Out of order in original.]
At residence of Mrs. Kennedy, Spartanburg
George (Svt. of Mrs. Choice) to
Harriet ( " of Mrs. Kennedy)
No. 14
Augst. 19th
At Dr. Lyles' Residence, Fairfield Dist.
John E. Cain to Sally Lyles
No. 15
October 21st
At residence of Dr. M.A. Moore, near Glenn Sp.
Thos. Sumpter Means. to Selina E. Moore
No. 16
May 5th
At Institute for Mutes - Cedar Springs
Dr. Henry Frost to Sabra Walker
No. 17
Feb. 12th [Out of order in original.]
At Residence of Col. Dawkins, Unionville
Albert to Sophy (Coloured)
No. 18
May 18th
At residence of Mrs. Thomson, Spartanburg C.H.
Hasell Scaife to Mary F. Thomson
No. 19
Oct. 17th
in St. John's church, Rutherfordton, N.C.
Rev. Jno. H. Tillinghast, to Sarah Wilkins
No. 20
Oct. 25th
In The Church of The Advent, Spartanburg.
Thomas W. Nowell, to Mary H. Legg
[End of marriages.]