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Upper South Carolina Genealogy and History
The quarterly publication of the Piedmont Historical Society
This installment, 2 of 6, originally appeared in Vol. VI, December 1988
Continued from Vol. VI, No.3
No. 93
May 2d [1858]
4th S. after Easter
In St. John's ch. Winsboro
Frances Couturier
Born Nov 15th 1857.
Parents, Dr. T., & Mrs. S. Robertson
Sponsors., Mrs. S. Couturier, & Miss R. Couturier
No. 94
July 11th
6th S. after Trinity
In private house "MOUNT HOPE" near Ridgeway
Charlotte Henrietta Couturier
B. Feb. 2d 1858.
Parents, Dr. & Mrs. Jno. P. Thomas
Sponsors, John Thomas Jr. & wife, & Emily Thomas
No. 95
Aug. 8th
10th S. after Trinity
In place of worship at Mr. Palmer's
Sancho child
Svt. of E. G. Palmer
No. 96
Elsy "
Sponsors, Romeo, Johnny & Lina
No. 97
Sep. 3d
In St. John's ch. Winsboro
Theodore Marion
Born Aug 1st 1858
Parents, Dr. & Mrs Neely Dubose
Sponsors, The Father, W.P. Dubose, Mrs. S. Gaillard
No. 98
Sep. 3d
Same place.
Martha Dwight
Born Aug 3d 1858
Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell
Sponsors, Wm. M. Dwight, Miss M. Murden (Munden?)
No. 99
Dec. 5th
2d S. in Advt.
In St. John's ch. Winsboro
John Hrabouski
Born March 11th 1857.
Parents. Dr. Jno. H. & Mrs. J. R. Thomson
Sponsors. J.D.,
H.B[.] McCollough, [blank]
No. 100 Dec. 5th
2d S. in Advt.
Same place
Eleanor Sabb
Born May 22d 1858
Parents same as above
Sponsors, Charles Thomson, Emma Thomson & Mrs. E. Taber
No. 101 Dec 26th
Fest. of St. Stephen
In St. John's ch. Winsboro
age about 6 yrs
Svt. of Mr Shirley
No. 102 Christopher Davis " " 2 "
" "
No. 103 Eliza Jane
" " 6 months

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Children of Willis the Sexton, who with the mother act-
ed as Sponsors.
No. 104 an omission
July 25th Fest. of St. James
In chapel of Ch. of Advt. Spartanburg
John S Rowland Thomson, Adult
Witnesses, J. M. Elford, Mrs. M. S. Cureton
No. 105 further omission
Feb. 2d
Fest. of Purifiation
Residence of D. Johnson, Union Dist.
Born Jan. 26th 1847.
No. 106 Penelope
" " 4th 1849.
No. 107 Elisabeth " Dec. 3d 1850.
No. 108 Mary Eliza " Oct. 14th 1855.
Parents Mr. & Mrs. David Johnson
Sponsors, The Parents & Mrs. P. Wharton
No. 109 omission in 1857
Sep. 8th
In Presbyterian M.H. Unionville S.C.
Frances Buford
Born Feb. 3d 1857.
Parents J.W., & C. McLure
Sponsors The parents, & Mrs. T.N. Dawkins
No. 110 April 26th
At Mr. D. Johnson['s] near Cedar Bluff
Born Feb. 17th 1859.
Parents D. & F. Johnson
Sponsors. The Parents & Mrs. Wharton
No. III June 5th
S. after Ascension
In Male Academy. Unionville
Thomas Dawkins
Born Oct. 19th 1858
Parents J.W. & C. McLure
Sponsors Parents & Col. T.N. Dawkins
No. 112 July 11th
3d S. after Trinity
In S.S. room Ch of The Advt. S.C.H.
Henry Dennison
Born March 31st 1858
Parents. Wm. & Amelia Irwin
Sponsors. Parents
& Miss M. McBee.
No. 113 Oct. 23d
18th S. after Trinity
In Ch of The Nativity
Born Sep. 21st 1859.
Parents. [Rev.] J.D. & H.B. McCollough

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Sponsors E. (N. or A.) Wagner, Mrs. Dawkins, Miss M.
No. 114 Feb. 26th
1st S. in Lent
In The Ch. of the Nativity, Unionville
Florence Elizabeth, Born Sep. 9th 1856
No. 115 Lemuel Ford
" Aug. 6th " [as is in original]
Children of Peter & Sally, Svts. of Col T.N. Dawkins
Sponsors. Col. & Mrs. Dawkins
No. 116 Same time & place
Barry Lewis, Born Jan 27th 1860
Parents Ralph, & Mary, a Svt. of Col T.N. Dawkins
Sponors Col. & Mrs. Dawkins
No. 117 March 14th
In private house
Florence Rebecca
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Peek.
On a death bed.
No. 118 March 18th
Easter day
In Ch. of The Nativity, Unionville
Hugh Sumpter
Parents. J.W. McLure & Wife
Sponsors. The Parents & Jas McLure
No. 119 Oct. 6th
19th S. after Trinity
In chapel of Ch. of The Advent, Spartanburg
Mary Cornelia (Baker) Adult
Witnesses Wm., & Amelia Irwin.
No. 120 Oct. 13th
20th S. after Trinity
In Ch. of The Nativity Unionville
Mary Lewis (Noland)
Witness Mrs. M.J. Gage.
No. 121 Oct. 13th
20th S. after Trinity
In ch. of The Nativity Unionville
Edward Heron
Born Sep. 1st 1861
Parents [Rev.] J.D., & H.B., McCollough
Sponsors Wm Irwin, J.L. McCollough, Mrs. Dr. Gage
Nov. 25th
In private
No. 122 Mary Emily
) Twins
No. 123 & Julia Isabel )
Sep. 26th A.D. 1861.
Parents D. & F. Johnson
To be continued.